Wall Mount

This project was my entry to the 2021 ETFoundation aluminium extrusion design competition. The goal was to design a product containing at least one aluminium extrusion. I decided to design a wall mount that can hold accessories slid into the rails. My goal was to design something that is simple and functional without making it stand out too much in a home setting.


This design is an aluminium extrusion mount that is attached to the wall and holds various accessories. This is meant to meet the needs of changing workspaces and change alongside the user's need for space and utility.


As I spend more and more time at home my desk has become a space of many uses. I play games, work, study sketch and do much more all in the same area. I wanted to design something that would help organize my desk space without standing out too much.


I took insipration for this product from the x-axis of my 3D printer. I always thought that 3D printers were the ultimate use of extrusions as they contain rail systems that can't be achieved any other way. This offers a very cheap yet aesthetically pleasing and functional appearance.


I began sketching some concept on how I could mount an extrusion rail system to a wall without welding or large joints. My main breakthrough came from realizing I could curve the from edges of the extrusion making the whole piece friendlier and safer to use.


I started out with some simple cardboard models to show how the accessories might work. Once I was happy with the designs, I built assemblies and 3D printed functional prototypes at around 70% scale. These prototypes helped me make small changes to the design like extending the size of the ball joints and shortening the length of the extrusion.

Final Design

For my final design the mount is smaller to take up less room yet still offers plenty of room for multiple accessories. The renders show the mount with a movable iPad holder and an articulating arm, but the is just one example of the potential combinations you can use with this mount.


I wanted this design to be as simple as possible and I feel good about achieving that, not including screws the design is 5 pieces and assembles in 3 steps. Only 1 screwdriver and a stud finder are necessary tools to assemble the entire thing.


While the renderings are in black, there's no real limit to what colour variations you can make this product. Since the aluminium is powder coated and the the caps are plastic, different variations can be made to meet the aesthetic needs of all consumers, whether they want simple monochromatic products or specific colour combinations.

Use Examples

Since this product is designed for use in environments that have multiple purposes, I sketched an example of how it might be used. In scene 1 it would be used for studying, holding an iPad, notes and lighting. In sene 2 its used to for sketching, again holding an iPad for reference as well as an arm to record a time-lapse.

Design drawings

Since the assembly of these parts is pretty simple, I built some tech drawing showing the different views and components. Overall it uses 3 types of materials and about 10 unique parts if you include accessories.


While I have some accessories designed, there exists a lot of space for the addition of more. Adding lights, camera, clamp and clips is just a start that I could think of. I would love to see what kind of hobby specific accessories exist that I haven't even thought of. The main addition I would love to see is adding USB ports to charge screens and power lights slid into the extrusion.

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