Features a series of luminaire designs I made during an internship with Cyclone Lighting. During my 3 months I worked on concepts for future projects and updating some of their current designs to a more contemporary look.


This summer I was lucky enough to land an internship at Cyclone Lighting and was given the opportunity to work with their design team to update some older designs to a more contemporary look. I was with them for 3 months where I worked on various parts of projects, redesigning shades, arms, bases and mounts for some of their most iconic luminaries.


I started my internship at an interesting time, and participated in a company wide design challenge, where every designer at acuity brands was tasked with designing a new luminaire. I worked with my mentor to learn about lighting and come up with designs to help with the design direction for the next six months.

Elencia Project

The first luminaire I worked on was called the elencia. They wanted to redesign the shade that runs around the top to look more modern as well as having interchangeable shades to offer multiple options with less tooling costs.

Base Redesign

After finishing with the elencia I moved on to simplifying the base designs. The goal being to come up with a design that could work with multiple different luminaires. Below are the three preferred concepts that I ultimately ended up pitching.

Arm Bracket

The final project I worked on during my internship, was to design new arm brackets that would fit into their existing pole design. I was told to make the design simple and keep in mind the idea of installing a second bracket on the opposite side if needed.

Next Project
Sliding Wall Mount