As a frequent five guys customer, I’ve wanted to improve the experience of the five guys app for a while now. I decided that it would be a nice case study to see if I can use their existing frame work of an app and improve the overall user experience.

3 week case study
Data Analysis, UX design, UI Design
00 - Idea

Current App

Below is the existing five guys app, I included 5 of the most crucial screens to give a small idea of what the current user experience would look like. The app is fairly straightforward and offers the ability to pre order at locations for either delivery or curb side pickup. The first time I used this app I felt that it was a little difficult to order, and when I checked reviews I was interested to see that others had complaints regarding the app as well. I figured it would be a good case study to analyze what the app does right and wrong and to come up with solutions for those problems.

01 - Research

Reading User Feedback

The first thing I did for research was look into the Google play store reviews and see what people liked and disliked about the app. I then organized the feedback into positive, negative or irrelevant. Finally I wrote down the points that came up the most frequently to use as a guideline of what I should and shouldn’t change. Of the 100 most recent reviews, 65 were negative, 28 were positive and 7 weren’t relevant to the app.

Main Findings

- Of the negative reviews 89% asked for better burger customization
- 20% experienced issues with their order regarding toppings, locations or payment
- Most positive reviews praised the straightforwardness of the app
- Many reviews praised the chain for their customization options in store and wished it translated into the app
- Many want ability to reorder previous orders/favourites
- Large disparity between users, people with more common orders are satisfied while those with complex ones seem to run into issues,

Why can’t I add extra cheese on the app, I now have to call every time to order because extra cheese isn’t an option, gotta call everytime now. app doesn’t let you pay using a gift card and then use a credit card for the remaining balance. Only accepts one or the other, so if your order is more then your gift card, it won’t work… App works decent but five guys is literally the only food company to not offer a rewards program. No coupons, nothing. Could do something for your loyal customers…

- User “Jay Kay”

App makes ordering simple and convenient with the pickiest eaters however there is no way to add special request for fries.. (less cooked, more cooked, extra crispy)

- User “Ashley Faudree”

Competition Analysis

I decided to look at other apps and see how they tackle issues like landings pages, ordering process and overall organization of information. I decided to look at some of the more recognizable apps that I know have added incentives for customers who order using mobile devices.

What we can learn

I had a few takeaways looking into these apps and found it interesting to see how they all have different overall strengths.

McDonalds Has the most comprehensive app, and puts a lot of emphasis on deals and advertising. Ordering from this app took the longest of the three but makes sure to prevent mistakes with error messages and progress bars

The Burger King app had the most distinctive appearance, and while the braidings came through well, some elements were difficult identify and the app was the most difficult to use.

Tim Hortons made ordering the easiest allowing for mobile scanning to redeem orders and a lot of photos of food to help guide the user through the menu.

02 - Define

Flow Charts

Since the app is fairly straightforward, I decided to map out the steps that would be taken when making and order on the app. I used this to identify which areas have problems and where there is potential for more improvement.

Pain Points

The two main problem areas are in the topping menu and the review basket section. Interestingly these are also the sections that contain the most information and require the most action on the users part.

The Problem

I believe the main problem is that the app does not cater to all types of users from five guys. Some users desires are more simplistic and only want an app that is as simple as possible, while others don’t care about the amount of steps and want more customization when it comes to their orders.

It is important to ask “how might we allow for more customization options while keeping the app as simple as possible”.  It is also important to minimize all confusion regarding ordering, to prevent incidents of ordering the wrong items or at the wrong location.

03 - Develop

Possible Solutions

Further emphasis on Accounts

A lot of issues regarding ease of ordering and reordering come from users using guest accounts. If we were to put further emphasis on getting users to log in, we can offer more ways to skip steps of the ordering process

Organization of Information

There is very limited spacing or differentiation between the elements thus making it hard to distinguish between them. Most listed items are all the same font, spaced evenly apart without any colour or font differences for the eye to anchor to.

Separation of ordering elements

Certain pages have a lot of steps and it can be difficult to review your choices and check for mistakes or missed items. Separating these steps into their own pages could help with the overall effectiveness of the app.


With enough research gathered, I moved on to wire framing the design by blocking out how some of the main pages would look. Without adding colours or images I tried to imagine how I would organize the information and separate elements from one another through spacing and sizes.

04 - Deliver

Final Design

For the final design I decided to go with a mainly red and white colour scheme to feel more on brand for five guys. The app uses more images and separates the elements with better spacing and hierarchies so tasks can be done faster.

Log In prioritization

A lot of the issues regarding adding more steps to burger customization can be mitigated by getting more users to create accounts and make favourites. The largest change I made was to have a log in screen when the app first starts that prompts users to creat an account. Having an account makes the ordering process go quicker by allowing users to reorder a previous order and skip the topping menu.

Order Customization

To improve burger customization abilities I added the ability to control the amount on each topping, each topping has the option or light regular or heavy. Each topping now has a checkmark to indicate it has been added and the toppings are all placed in boxes to help visually separate the elements.

Improved Menu

The main change to the menu was adding photos and a hierarchy for the text. Each category had a small photo to help differentiate between the options quicker and give some idea as to the burger you can expect. Changing the text to have a hierarchy allows for the important info to get noticed first and the descriptions to only be noticed when intended.

Reviewing orders

Reviewing orders is now easier as elements are divided and boxed to show the orders. All info is shown before confirming the order to prevent the amount of mistakes in online orders. The final screen showing the order number is in large font that is easy to read and show at pick up.

05 - Review


Overall this project was a nice exercise in improving the visual design of an app while keeping existing features. If I were to continue this project I would love to do user testing to compare the original app to my version and ensure that the changes work for all users.

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