Bus Fire

My extinguisher design makes the process of fighting fires more intuitive and easy. The three part extinguisher can be held and carried far easier than its predecessors while still meeting all safety standards. The sealed design keeps debris and water away from the mechanism, extending the life of the extinguisher.


For the project I was tasked with redesigning the fire extinguisher with a specific location in mind. After researching fire extinguishers and the environment they're needed in. I chose to focus on busses, and attempted to design an extinguisher that was both intuitive and portable.


To start the project we learned everything we could about fire extinguishers. We visited fire stations, ran simulations and put out controlled fires in an attempt to locate design shortcomings.

Initial Ideation

We then assembled all of our findings and research into a document that can be read here. I chose to design an extinguisher specifically for busses and began sketching early concepts.

Prototyping and Testing

Once I had a couple of interesting ideas I make some quick models out of paper and cardboard to test out some mechanical designs. With that information I moved on to higher fidelity prototypes and ran some tests involving the mounting and removal of extinguishers.

Design Changes

In my testing I found that people the handle design led people to intuitively pull it like a lever. Furthermore I found that a lower placement was ideal for people pulling upwards since taller people had an easier time bending over than shorter people did reaching up. I then started designing changes to tackle those problems like a related mounting system and more comfortable handles

3D Modeling

With some design changes in mind, I moved onto fleshing out all the mechanical details. The idea being, that the handle gets pushed down and a spring system would open the airways for the fire fighting agent to be sprayed out the nozzle.

Final Design

The final steps were choosing the colours and materials for the design. I went with a nice metallic red similar to current extinguishers for increased visibility, and nice textured rubber grips for increased grip strength and impact resistance.

Extinguisher Features

This extinguisher offers all the functionality of current extinguishers but with and overall more aesthetic and intuitive design. Some other improvements and features include:

- Increased impact resistance
- Closed design to prevent rust
- Comfotable Grip
- Allows maneuverability when carried
- Meets bus standardization
- Built in pressure gauge


Alongside the design of the extinguisher I made a concept for a mounting system that would make storing and removing the extinguisher easier. The concept has the extinguisher tilt out and create a track to slide it out of its mount. I would love to explore this addition at some point in the future

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